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Fractional or Interim CTO

  • Create and execute on a strategic technical vision
  • Assess current architecture, applications, and development organization
  • Build and manage high-performing product and technology teams
  • Architect systems and processes to enable continuous delivery
  • Implement comprehensive metrics and foster a data-driven culture
  • Perform due diligence and vetting for vendors and M&A

Navigating growth and scale effectively

  • Create a hiring strategy, write job descriptions, assist with interviews
  • Upgrade technology and tools
  • Review infrastructure usage and anticipate future needs
  • Optimize database queries, index where needed, and fine-tune backends
  • Offload non-essential workloads with queues and caches
  • Systemize, document, and automate processes

Product Delivery Lead

  • Work with client stakeholders to realize their vision
  • Create and execute on product strategy and roadmap
  • Act as Product Owner and perform business analysis
  • Manage projects from ideation through delivery
  • Coordinate and monitor releases, drive follow-up iterations
  • Hold regular post-mortems and retrospectives for continuous improvement

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Select and implement best-in-class MarTech vendors
  • Analyze user behavioral data to identify patterns and opportunities
  • Conduct user surveys to gain insights and understand their needs
  • Streamline and simplify user experiences to eliminate friction
  • Run A/B tests on headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, placement, etc.
  • Review and optimize internal operational processes